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Hybrid worlds: flanerie between analog and digital realities in public urban spaces. (working title) 

The interaction between technologies and societies shape everyday life in urban spaces as the boundaries between analog and digital worlds seem to dissolve. A new hybrid space, characterized by mobility and constant networking, has emerged. How can we understand these enmeshed spaces in cities to be able to influence their current state and imagine their futures from a diverse perspective? The “Third Space Walk” is a new method that I am working on in my PhD at Berlin University of the Arts to critically and attentively enter today’s public urban spaces and to overcome separate imaginations of the digital and analog worlds. I gave workshops with women* in Mexico City and Berlin and invited them to participate by rethinking the figure flâneur (Walter Benjamin) from a feminist and postcolonial perspective, imagining the public urban space as hybrid, a third space (Homi K. Bhabha) between virtual and material realities, seeing their body in the context of the cyborg (Donna Haraway) and presented the results in an exhibition in Berlin. Hence, the method is an experiment about how to rethink our relationship to and wishes for digital processes in urban spaces and to create a platform that expresses and discusses the outcome of the method from diverse perspectives in an open, fragmented and more accessible way that shows the process itself.

This research was presented at conferences in Austria, Canada, Germany, Turkey and Mexico.

Part of this research is the exhibition project „Third Space Walk. Flâneuses* between virtual and material urban spaces.“